Mastering JavaScript: The Complete Guide to JavaScript Mastery

Tim Robards

JavaScript is one of the most powerful programming languages on the web! With it, you can build highly dynamic websites and apps (including both frontend and backend development!).

If you're a beginner looking to learn your first line of JavaScript or you're looking to expand your knowledge and truly learn the fundamentals. The Complete Guide to JavaScript Mastery will take you from zero to hero!

Have you ever wanted to learn Angular, React, Vue or Node.js? A solid understanding of JavaScript fundamentals will make picking up JS frameworks a breeze!

We cover it all from basic Syntax & Structure, Variables and Data Types to the Document Object Model (the DOM), Arrays, Functions, Loops, and Objects. We also dive into advanced topics such as working with APIs, Async and Defer, Promises, Regex operations & more!

Mastering JavaScript will benefit your web development skills enormously - and it's in very high demand professionally, today the average salary for JavaScript developers are some of the highest in tech!

Available in PDF, EPUB & MOBI Formats.

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Mastering JavaScript: The Complete Guide to JavaScript Mastery

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